Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Capturing Iraq

I think it's about time I started posting some photos on my blog again. Here are just a few shots that I liked from the ones I took today. I used my Army-issued Nikon D2H. Since I came back from my emergency leave, my job has finally switched to what I like doing most: photojournalist. I take it upon myself to grab my camera with me whenever I go out to lunch. It's a pretty heavy sucker, and I like the D200 body better because it's smaller, more compact and lighter. There was a wicked sandstorm that took over and everything turned orange. Going around and taking pictures beats dropping my butt on a chair all day any day.

Even though I haven't done any real missions or done anything real exciting yet, it's just nice to know that I'm now given the green light to do a job I fee not only comfortable with, but actually good at doing.

In two words: I'm happy.

In any case, enjoy these few shots:

(No, not a camera effect-- your typical dusty day in Iraq)

(Two men unloading chairs from a truck, snapping photos of them while they worked just for fun and give me some practice taking pics of people moving around and working)

(A shot of Lieutenant Glaubach during one of our print meetings-- we dubbed this picture the "thinking shot" where you can just feel the intensive mental braincells cranking away... especially with the "hand over the lips" gesture -- in reality, none of us do any thinking here, at all)